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Working with God in the community


Hello. I am Susan, the Youth and Community worker at Granton Baptist church. I work closely with the children’s and youth ministries in the church. On a Sunday morning, I lead a programme, alongside other church members, for primary age children: Teaching them about the bible, what it
means to be a Christian and supporting the development of their personal faith Journeys. We are hoping to further development our engagement with the secondary school age young people in the church.
Since starting the role I have been able to make connection with other churches in the surrounding area. I look forward to building this network in the future to support one another as we reach out tothe young people and families in our community. Similarly, I am beginning to build connections with the local school. Alongside another church in the area, I will be leading a 4 week programme for 6 th years in one of the local high schools. I am looking forward to building this relationship with the school and learn how best our church can support them and the pupils. I also aim to build a link with the local primary school and learn how best I can support them as well.
In way of community support, since starting the role I have made contacts with various community outreach projects. I have learned about the fantastic services already in place and found out more about the character of this community. I am continuing to reach out to different projects and visit the community outreach programmes that happen at this church as there is still so much to discover about this diverse area. I look forward to learn more about how we as a church can best support our local community.

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