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We like to sing at Granton Baptist Church and have a lively band which consists of keyboards, rhythm and bass guitar, drums and vocals. Although the songs can vary depending on who is leading that morning, there is a wide range of contemporary worship songs mixed with some traditional songs.

During the singing, you may see some people raising their hands. This is just another way of expressing our worship of God. All the words for the songs are displayed on our large overhead screen on the wall. However, large hard copies of the songs are available on request at the door. 


During the service there are times of prayer. This may simply involve a prayer from the Pastor or Worship Leader, or it may be a time where the congregation are invited to pray either out loud or silently. On occasion, someone may ask if we can sing a certain song together during that time, or someone will wish to share something that God has been speaking to them about.

The Pastor or Worship Leader will then end the prayer time with a closing prayer.  We also have a very caring prayer team of folk who are available to anyone wishing prayer. If you would find this helpful, simply let one of the worship team know at the end of the service. 


We sometimes use music videos, images, movie clips, to help us focus our worship. Sometimes you may also see a participative worship activity. This could include inviting you to think about an image, take an object which reflects the worship theme, or read a bible verse out loud together. In everything, you should only do what feels comfortable to you.


Our pastor will bring a reflection during our services providing teaching and guidance based on bible readings. Also on special occasions such as anniversaries, the church will welcome guest speakers.


Once a month, we have a communion time as part of the service. This is an opportunity for everyone who believes in Jesus Christ to share the communion bread and wine to remember what Christ has done for us on the cross. You simply decline if you do not wish to participate. The wine we use does not contain alcohol.

Tea and Coffee

The service usually concludes around 12.20pm when everyone is invited to go into one of our halls for a cup of tea/coffee and a chat. We often have visitors at Granton and you will feel that in the welcome you receive at this time.

What do I do when I get there?

Our Sunday service begins at 11.00am. On arrival, you will get a warm welcome at the door from members of our Welcome Team. You will then be given our weekly newssheet which includes the programme for the morning service. Following this, you will enter our sanctuary and sit anywhere you wish. Our sanctuary is very modern and consists of rows of comfortable chairs rather than pews.

If you arrive a little late, please do not worry about coming in when the service has already started. However, if you feel a little self conscious in doing so, there are chairs along the back wall.


During the service, an offering plate will be passed around by Church members. Giving is another way in which we worship God. However, there is a diversity of income levels amongst the Granton congregation, so you should feel comfortable about simply passing the plate on if you do not wish to contribute.

What do I wear?

We do not care what you wear! There is no dress code at all as people wear all different kinds of clothes, a diversity which reflects us as a people. Some people wear jeans and a t-shirt, others shirts/ties or skirts/tops, whilst still others, the kilt or other national dress. In a nutshell, wear what you are comfortable in.

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