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We are blessed by every person drawn to Granton Baptist Church. We want you to be part of our community, whether you are a person of faith or still on a journey to faith. In fact, we believe we can all learn from each other, faith or no faith. We may be able to teach you aspects of the Christian faith, but your life experience and even your questions can shape how we “do” church. 

In that process, our prayer is that you will find a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Others may come to the church who have been Christians for many years. You are welcome! Bring your gifts and experience to enrich our community of faith.

Jesus set a high standard for the relationships of His people. He calls us to forgive each other, to love our enemies, and to be open and authentic with each other. Therefore, we aim to work together to build the Church through maintaining mutual respect, open communication, determined co-operation, and believing and speaking the best about each other.

We will seek to provide adequate pastoral care for every person who counts Granton Baptist Church as their spiritual home. This means caring  for one another through good times and bad. How do we do this? We have folk who will talk and pray with you whenever there is a need for you to find help.

We also have regular opportunities to gather socially, but one of the the main ways we achieve the above, is through gathering in small groups for discussion, prayer and sharing. It’s not all serious! We gather together simply to enjoy each other’s friendship also.  It’s hard to get to know people on a Sunday morning, but much easier meeting with a small group of friends in someone’s house. All are welcome!

Through all of this, we seek to grow as disciples of Christ. What does the word mean? Another word would be “learning” to follow Jesus, or “apprenticeship” as we learn with and from each other. We aim to make disciples of all who call Granton Baptist Church their spiritual home. We seek to help each member discover his/her own unique gift/s and train them to use those gifts in the work of building Christ’s kingdom.

We are committed to walking in Christlikeness. We seek to show the positive, attractive holiness of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. We desire that Jesus’ love, mercy, grace, truth, purity, power, and integrity shine through all we do.

From time to time we run courses helping people understand the Bible, learn how to pray, how to use our spiritual gifts, and how to share what we believe about Jesus. Study courses are available for those who have recently become Christians. We also have a course for those interested in Baptism and Membership.

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