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Wherever you are in life, we believe that God created you for a reason and to be in relationship with Him. That’s why we want to lead people who come to Granton Baptist into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Following Him will change your life forever! 

We gather on a Sunday at 11am. Each of our worship services lasts just over one hour. We begin with a time of singing and worshipping God, then we hear a message based on the Bible. Towards the end of our time together, the children join us and share what they've been learning in Junior Church, and then we wrap up with prayer and more singing. We have coffee together, and build friendships. Our attendees are from all walks of life and backgrounds. Ordinary people following an extraordinary God!

You don’t have to dress up to come. We are all fairly casual in the best sense of the word. When we sing songs, the words are projected onto a screen. So you don’t have to find the place in a book to sing. You don’t have to use special language. God is our Heavenly Father and he loves to hear His children worshipping in the way they would speak to any friend.




Every Sunday from 11am for just over an hour.

For children of all ages, runs parallel to the main service. 

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