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We have a creative, (sometimes wacky!) team that work with the children. They are led by our Youth and Community worker, Susan. Usually the children go out to their learning spaces at the start of the service. They come in towards the end of the worship and often share what they have learnt with the adults. Not a few times it has sounded so creative that some of the adults are tempted to embark on a second childhood!

We use our time with the children and young people to teach them about God, the necessity of faith in Jesus Christ and the importance of the Bible in our lives. Sometimes the young people will join with other youth groups from churches in the area.We aim to show the love of God through our relationships with the children.

Our teachers are not just teaching the children about faith but living examples of it. Working alongside parents we endeavour to nurture the young people through fun, relevant Bible teaching and discipleship. Our aim is that each young person will, in God’s time, believe in Jesus Christ and become a fully active member of God’s church.

Often the children will join in with the worship by waving flags in time with the music. (And sometimes not in time, but hey, they enjoy it).

Our creche for pre school children runs each Sunday during our morning service. If you would like any more information email or message us via the contact form on this site.

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